Recommendations of RMCO's Climate Action Panel

This portion of the website provides information on the recommendations of the Climate Action Panel convened in 2006 by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization, in the first stage of RMCO's Colorado Climate Project. That panel, based on the work of 116 Coloradans from the public and private sectors, in 2007 proposed 70 actions to reduce Colorado's contribution and vulnerability to climate change. Most panel recommendations are for actions by the Colorado state government, although the panel also recommended actions by local governments, water providers, and others.

The statewide emission reduction goals adopted by Governor Ritter were taken from the recommendations of the panel. Those goals are among 70 recommendations in the report of the panel. (Note the detailed recommendations are included in Appendices E, F, G, H, and I of the report and, with respect to water adaptation recommendations, in chapter 8 of the report.)

Colorado Climate Implementation Scorecard

RMCO maintains a Colorado Climate Scorecard which tracks the current implementation status of actions to carry out both Governor Ritter's Colorado Climate Action Plan and the recommendations of RMCO's Climate Action Panel.